I am currently working on a new version of an app that I made a few years back called Selfie Swap. I am very excited for the new release, as I have become a much better programmer in the past few years.

One big improvement that this new version will have over the older ones is that users will be able to login with their phone numbers. The back-end data storage is done through Parse, however I couldn’t find a straight-forward way to create a phone-based login system without Twilio (which would add an extra layer of cost the project).

This is where Twitter’s Digits comes into play. I am already using Fabric for crashlytics, and I wanted to use Digits to do phone login. I found a great project on GitHub that allows you to combine Parse’s user system with Digits. It only took a few minutes to add it to my project, and I am ecstatic with the results! The biggest benefit to using Digits is that Twitter takes care of all the telephony, so you don’t have to integrate your Twilio account (which is nice).


I’ll make another post once Selfie Swap is up and running, I hope this helps somebody.


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